End-to-end management of your gift giving program

GiftingApp provides end-to-end management of gifting programs -- from social workers entering family information, to duplicate check, to registering donors to be matched with families, to gift fulfillment. Ultimately, there are happy kids at the end of the process!

GiftingApp Process

GiftingApp Process Diagram


A simple online system for registered social worker users to refer families to your program.

Donor Profiles

Donors can set-up their own profiles, indicate their giving preferences, and can view key information about the families to whom they are matched.


Program admins can stay on top of all aspects of the system to know where the application is in the process, leading to happy children in the end.

Thanks to Northern Village for proving an easy to use, secure system for our Adopt-a-Family program.

- Karen Kirkwood, Senior Director of Development
Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington