User-friendly websites

We help you to pinpoint what your site should do for you. Whether you're aiming for promotion, credibility, a showcase, sales, knowledge sharing, or to provide services online--we help you fulfill your ambitions with solid content development and creative custom design. 

Solid content development

Northern Village believes the foundation for every website is its content. Visitors to your website will find out who you are and how you do things through you content. By focusing on the content we explore how it best fits together, and understand the relationships between different parts of your organization. The result is an easy-to-use website that clearly describes what you do best.

We also understand that sometimes you need to do more than that. If you are looking to refocus your organization, or clarify your messaging, our marketing and communication strategists will work with you to chart your path. We'll also coordinate across your social media platforms and maximize your SEO to ensure you have an impressive online identity.


Creative custom design

Skip the templates. We customize your site to suit your purpose and identity, because the only way to stand out is to let you be uniquely you. We can create the content you need too, be it copy, logos, video, still images, music, or sound. Northern Village works with a number of talented designers. If you have a preferred designer in mind, let's make them part of our village.


Your website will be effective on all screens and devices. We meet the best user experience and accessibility standards. We'll migrate your site from any platform, and encrypt it to ensure faster loading time, visitor privacy, and website security. 

Perhaps most importantly, we take care of the technical details, and design your website in such a way, that it is easy for you to update. You won't have to pay anyone to do that for you, so you can invest your money elsewhere. We are there to help you when you get stuck, or to implement some of the more complicated things.


Responsive Design

No upgrades needed

Northern Village ensures that the many component parts of a website always work together smoothly and never require upgrades. You won't have to worry about incompatible plugins, costly glitches, or failing search engine rankings. We keep it all fine tuned for you.