Extend your reach

Northern Village can energize your digital marketing ecosystem. Whether you are just getting comfortable with the technology, or you are looking to optimize your social media strategy, develop online newsletters or purchase digital ads, we can help. We have the expertise to co-create a holistic marketing and communications plan with you.


Social media

Starting or expanding your social media presence can be a daunting experience. Northern Village can help by working with you to create a plan and get your first few months of posts up and running. We will identify the platforms that are best suited for your message, and tailor the posts to them. Our goal, as with our websites, is to build the capacity in your organization to manage it yourself. Contact us to find out more about our social media packages.

Search engine optimization

A properly constructed site that is well optimized with text, images, titles and tags that load quickly provides the base for a website to rank well. You don’t need to pay a monthly fee. You need SEO done right once and then to regularly post to or update the site.

SEO service consists of keyword research and analysis, optimization of Title, Meta and ALT tags, manual search engine submission to all major search engines and relevant directories, research and submissions to city specific directory pages, plus creation or updating of a Google My Business Page, Google Analytics account, Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster tools) account and a Bing Webmaster tools account.

Digital ads

Digital ads can boost awareness of your brand, your specializations and your offerings to highly targeted audiences and subsets of audiences, bringing them to your website through the channels and/or pages most relevant to their interests. Google, LinkedIn and Facebook are communication vehicles that offer a continually building array of AI and machine learning powered tools to match seekers to providers. 

Northern Village can help you develop an effective ad strategy, choose mission specific promotional vehicles, craft effective messages and package them to reach and inspire your target audiences, while actively measuring responses to optimize efficiencies and learnings from campaign results.


E-mail newsletters are a good way to increase the recognition of your brand, notify potential customers about special initiatives, or just catch up. Folks can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to your newsletter, so you have the secure knowledge that they are genuinely interested in what you have to say. And by keeping track of which links have been followed, you can gauge what is of interest to your people, and base future mailings (or even website content) on that information.