Agile development

Northern Village uses Agile software development for for all its projects. This means that we focus on preparing the most important parts of a new software application first, so that they're up and running fast. Then we start adding functionality, testing the software as it's being built. This ensures that we gather your feedback throughout the development process, to guarantee it works how you want it to. Ease of use is always our goal. And we ensure that the application is equally accessible through all major browsers, screens and devices.  


Secure hosting

Northern Village uses Tier 1 faclities in Canada for its hosting needs. This means that your servers are going to be available when you need them. Encryption is included by default so your data is secure and also your webpages load faster, avoid browser insecure warnings, and give your site visitors confidence that their privacy is protected. For our SAAS applications, we divide each instance (using Tenants) so that each client's data is in separate tables for added security. We are happy to provide detailed specs upon request.