The power of Page Data!

The Northern Village Website Publisher expands possible customization opportunities with the availability of Page Data. An example of these possible customizations can be found in the Three Bears example staff page ( 

Website software is generally provided in two styles: you can have freedom to layout things wherever you want, or you can have databases that work well for listings. Page Data integration provides the best of both worlds. You can have the free form of a website, but you can also add structured information on parts of the page, and have the results displayed in a well-designed manner.

Page Data can be added to any Page Type, and it appears in a "Data" tab in the Admin interface.

The following example is for the Staff page for the Three Bears Furniture Co

Staff Web verison

*The asterisk'd items have been entered as Page Data.

The following image shows the how the fields are populated in the Admin interface, to be displayed in the well-designed format shown above.

Staff Admin

The Admin screen shows:

  1. Page Data is being applied to the Staff member Page Type
  2. The 'Data' tab will appear on every page using the Staff member page type. Select this tab to view the fillable page data fields
  3. The data entered into the Page Data fields will be well-formatted on your webpage – you don’t have to worry about HTML coding

An example of using page data to create uniform elements across multiple pages is the “Beer” pages that Northern Village created for Wellington Brewery. The brewery wanted to display unique information for each beer it sells to an increasingly sophisticated beer market. This includes ABV, OG, colour, etc. The Page Data is displayed in a chart format, which makes it very easy for Wellington staff to add new products to their listings. View the beer listing.

Other applications include multi-lingual sites. For multi-lingual sites, there is a Page Type “Language”. The Language Page Type has the following fields:

  • "Home" Translation (translation of Home ie. Accueil in French, or Mājas Lapa in Latvian)
  • "More" Translation (translation of “More” to be used on the Blog Page)

See as an example.

See how Page Data can be created in the Developer Interface section below.