More efficient admin functions

The Admin interface has been reorganized to simplify access to the most used functions. Now, when you select Admin, the Page interface is the landing page. Additionally, the Page interface now contains substantially more information and functionality.

Admin screen functions

From here, you can easily access the most used functions, featuring:  

  1. Cleaner, modern design. Site and theme functions are out of the way
  2. Easily change the Page Type with one click
  3. Make the page visible or invisible
  4. Create new subpages as usual
  5. Select the page type / visibility for subpages from the same screen
  6. Easier reordering of subpages. Click and hold anywhere in box to move.
  7. Edit / Delete / Move / Rename page functions front and centre
  8. Improved Move function interface

By placing more functions on the main Admin page, everyday tasks are now quicker and easier!