Modules enable further customization of standard pages. By adding a module to a page you can add a Carousel, Image Gallery, or an Embed Code to any page. Similar to Page Types, Modules can be customized, or new ones created as required.

Our modules are most effective when used on the One Long Page Type, as their full functionality is highlighted when used in conjunction with each other. In the One Long Page Type, there are a host of functions that can be added through the Modules. As an example, have a look at the Page Admin for the home page of the Three Bears Furniture website below:

Admin modules

The above page can be viewed at:

The sections on that page are as follows:


Column Pull Module

B. Column Pull

Add a subpage for each column you would like to create and add content to each page individually.

Image Background Module

A. Image Background

Upload an image that you would like to highlight and have it appear as a full page banner with text overlay.

Jumbotron Pull Module

D. Jumbotron Pull

Use this module to highlight important text as it creates a banner that spans the page with large sized text.