Developer Interface

The Developer Interface has been substantially improved to make it easy for developers to code all parts of the website from a web interface. Additionally, the structure of the coding environment has been improved for clarity and ease of use.

Developer interface

The features of our new and improved Developer Interface include:

  1. The ability to have multiple files open at once, so one can easily code or edit multiple files concurrently
  2. Use the ‘includes’ command tool to insert snippets of code that are used throughout multiple Page Types and Module files (e.g. the top navigation menu, side menu, footer, etc.,)
  3. Customize Page Types and Page Modules to tailor website as required, so end users can easily choose how to customize their page(s)
  4. Add Page Data to any Page Type
  5. Customize your site with Javascript and CSS
  6. Drag images to add to system images
  7. Easily save any page by pressing Ctrl-S