Many options to customize a website

There are three main tools that work together to be able to easily customize a website: Page Types, Modules and Page Data.

Page Types - Blog, Blog Post, Calendar, Calendar Event, Columns, Faq, Faq Post, Landing Page, One Long Page, Shopify Sdk, SitemapPage Types

Page Types allows you to select a pre-formatted template for any page of your site. Using this tool, one is easily able to change from a “Default Page” to a “Blog”, an “FAQ” or “Employee Profile” Page Type. Built into the Northern Village Website Publisher are a range of commonly used Page Types, that can be easily customized to suit your needs. Creation of new Page Types is simple and straightforward. Perhaps the most used custom Page Type is called “One Long Page”.

The Page Type ‘One Long Page’ facilitates the building of a page with many components or sections. Each subpage created under this Page Type becomes a section of the page. These subpages are customizable using Modules, and makes adding a carousel, columns, embedded forms, teasers, etc., uncomplicated and simple.

Page Types within the software are standard templates and are shown in the image to the right.