The solution

Northern Village undertook a thorough review of the existing management system for the Access to ID program. This included:

  • Review the current ID Software Applications in detail
  • Analyze current data structure to ensure all information will be in new application, and ensure it can be ported over when the new application is done
  • Create the ID Request Management System including:
    • Manage application requests, including its status, and all communication including government responses, and client inquiries
    • Track if the ID is going to be picked up at a remote location
    • Store documents related to the request
    • Report on the use of the system
    • Devise and execute data migration, including OLE objects and attachments of over 20,000 records.
  • Create ID Safe system for the storage of ID including:
    • Using webcam for photo of client to ensure their identity when picking up ID
    • Save all ID that is stored as separate items
    • Record all ID that is checked out, and keep as a transaction record
    • Ability to add notes
  • Have the ability to see overview of client activity
  • Test after each component is complete.
  • Train staff on the use of the software, and the ability to train clients on the use of the system
  • Start testing, running new system in parallel.

Northern Village programmed the software in Ruby on Rails, ensuring that it works of all screens and accessiblity devices.