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Poultry Industry Council - Emergency Response

The Poultry Industry Council is a registered charity that works to stay current on innovative research, resources, training, and learning opportunities to ensure the poultry sector is staying ahead of the curve. Each year, the board members and staff work collaboratively with the industry to build a new strategic direction and business plan. This way PIC’s primary activities are targeted specifically to industry and producer needs. PIC brings producers, industry, veterinarians, and academia to a range of workshops and events. The National Poultry Show, hosted annually in February, is a 65-year tradition that celebrates and showcases all the best the industry has to offer.


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The challenge

PIC asked us to translate their offline Emergency Response Guide into a web based resource, so it could be more widely accessed and updated overtime. We had to significantly reformat the Guide for an online environment while staying true to the original content and design that was prepared and approved by valued stakeholders. The new site also had to enable producers to store critical emergency planning information (like contacts, inventories, and response procedures). These too had to be available for editing overtime and safely stored, so producers could retrieve their data from anywhere in an emergency. It was of paramount importance that this confidential data be kept safe and secure. We were also asked to integrate new video content, and other content to support producers when they are training team members to manage emergencies. 

The solution

Drawing design details from the offline resource, we created new but consistent graphics and copy to lead users through the Emergency Response Guide in a visually engaging and interactive way. We broke down chapters and their subsections into distinct pages that users can easily navigated through clearly articulated side menus. This makes layered content easier to capture and digest, while minimizing scrolling. We then introduced an “ Onboarding"  section to the website, where new content can be added without interfering with the established Emergency Response Guide. We livened up the content as a whole with large scale photography and videos. We also built the My Farm software app and integrated it into the website, so producers can login and safely store their emergency planning documents there. We applied the highest standards for privacy and security of data to the app, and we regrouped the producers’ documents by type to make it easier for them to understand the purpose of these documents and retrieve their data.