The challenge

As a radio station licenced in Canada, CFRC needs to keep accurate logs of each radio show. As part of their website refresh, CFRC wanted to have an easier way of entering these logs. Also as part of the project, they were wanting to be able to easily manage their program and schedule to be displayed to visitors to the site. Finally, wanted a radio player that would play the current show with the name of the show displayed.

As the radio shows are created by volunteers, making the entry of logs as easy as possible was a priority.

The solution

Northern Village developed an web app that allows CFRC to manage their CRTC and SOCAN logs, as well as their programs and schedule.

The basis of the app are the programs. A schedule is added, and volunteers can enter their logs for each program they host. There is also a link to archives, so that past broadcasts can be listened to from each program page. A radio player was also created to take the live stream of the station and play it through the app, or the website.

The software was created in a way, that it could be made available to other community radio stations throughout Canada. See for an overview of this software.