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A Northern Village Service

Access2ID is a software as a service (SAAS) application of Northern Village that makes it easier for social service organizations to help people recover and securely store their ID. It safely and easily keeps track of critical records for clients. This allows organizations to focus on advocacy work instead of the documentation.

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The challenge

Northern Village had created a custom application (called Access to ID) to help Street Health manage their ID programs (see Street Health case study). Upon finishing it, and talking to other organizations, it appeared there was greater need for the software amongst other community organizations offering ID services. Many of them have been relying on outdated software and paper-based records. There is was no purpose-built software on the market.

The solution

We rebuilt our prototype in Ruby on Rails so that it could be used by any organizaiton offering ID services, from any location through a web browser. It's fully adaptable to any workplace, and any number of organizational users or partners. All data is stored on secure servers based in Canada to maintain data safety and client privacy. This has made it easier for ID services to be accessed online when in-person service are unavailable.