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Charity websites

Northern Village takes special pride in creating websites for charitable organizations, which do so much to increase the meaning and value of our lives and communities. They deserve to be supported.

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Business websites

Northern Village appreciates the difficulty of capturing the essence of a business and telling its story on the web. A website is not only about the products and services that are for sale. It's also about the heart and soul of the business.

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Social impact software

Social benefit organizations have unique needs that are not served by mainstream software. Northern Village has designed software from scratch, or updated client-server type software to work on the web. To make software more available for community organizations, Northern Village will take its custom software and create a software service, as we have done with our Access2ID product.

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Community websites

Northern Village prides itself on creating websites for community organizations of all kinds. Community websites often have a wide range of intended purposes. A successful site could simply increase visitors, disseminate essential knowledge, or promote broader involvement in community development.

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Consulting websites

It's our clients who are specializing in marketing and communications that really keep us on our toes. These companies know the value -- and necessity -- of a great website. Northern Village strives to build websites that creatively capture a company's core message and image.

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Arts websites

Northern Village has a soft spot for the arts. The company is located in a city steeped in music, visual art, written and spoken word, and so much more. Northern Village helps artists create their own websites, so that uploading images is easy, and their artwork is front and centre.

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