Make Things Happen


MakeThingsHappenMake Things Happen is an integrated succession planning company that specializes in helping non profits and family businesses plan for and implement leadership transition. The Principal of the company, Linda K. Fairburn specializes in the human side of enterprises and effectively uses integrated approaches when applicable to the situation.

Client Goals

The client desired to update their outdated current site and achieve their goal of a clearly focused and easily navigated website. Additionally, they wanted to improve search engine optimization to facilitate getting in touch with potential clients and simplify communication through a clear and easy way of reaching out to Make Things Happen Limited. And of course, the client wanted to provide general information about the importance of succession planning.


Northern Village worked with Linda Fairburn to capture the essence her business in an easily updatable website using the Nothern Village CMS to achieve her goals. Now the site clearly explains the different complex services she offers and provide a design that comprehensibly demonstrates the integrated nature of the work Make Things Happen does.