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Karen Farbridge & Associates

Karen Farbridge and Associates specializes in advising business, government and organizations on building healthy and prosperous communities. They believe that effective community engagement in local decisions leads to innovation, and has a lasting positive impact. Karen has been recognised by local, provincial and national organizations for her leadership and commitment to building more liveable and sustainable communities. Her strength lies in her ability to manage complex policy and decision making environments to deliver results. This experience includes eleven years as the Mayor of the City of Guelph, Ontario.


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The challenge

Karen Farbridge's website goal was to present a clear overview of the services that she and her colleagues offer including consulting and speaking services. A secondary goal was to provide a forum to discuss opportunities to grow healthy and prosperous communities.

The solution

Northern Village worked with Karen using our content-driven approach to reorganize the website under the triad of "Consulting, Collaborating and Connecting". This included creating a graphic and tagline for the home page to highlight the connections between these three elements, and how they work together. We also developed a consistent format for the blog page, and added a subscription function. Ways to keep in touch are sprinkled throughout the site. 


"My website is not a burden anymore. It's taken away that administrative stress of having to do something that I'm not equipped to do. The process of designing the site was very collaborative. We met and had conversations, and he really looked into who I am and what I'm trying to achieve. That part of the process can take a long time if the person you're working with doesn't take the time to understand you. He knew the right questions to ask so we got to a format and design very quickly."

Karen Farbridge, Owner