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Karen Farbridge & Associates

Karen Farbridge & Associates is a consultancy firm in Guelph, Ontario. KFA advises federal, provincial and municipal policy-makers and industry leaders on building sustainable and resilient communities. Karen's key area of expertise is in managing complex, multi-stakeholder policy and decision-making environments to deliver results. She has worked in the non-profit, public, and private sectors for over 30 years to advance community engagement in local decision-making and innovation in smart growth, downtown revitalization, open government, resource and natural heritage protection. Karen Farbridge was the Mayor of Guelph for 11 years.


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The challenge

Karen has been working with municipalities for years, and she needed a way to display her work in a more visually accessible and dynamic manner, especially her blogs and past projects. In addition, she wanted to build her audience and a more robust community around her signature topic, The Energy Conscious City.

The solution

We rebranded KFA to convey the evolving focus of Karen’s work on the Energy Conscious City, removing the more services focused framework that had previously structured her website. We introduced new visual elements and a colour palette to improve brand consistency. We created custom case study and blog interfaces to improve her content management workflow and the availability of her content for her audiences. We also redesigned site navigation to make content more accessible and impactful. Finally, we assisted Karen when she was ready to promote her new website and extend her reach, by providing custom email and social media copy and graphics.


"My website is not a burden anymore. It's taken away that administrative stress of having to do something that I'm not equipped to do. The process of designing the site was very collaborative. We met and had conversations, and they really looked into who I am and what I'm trying to achieve. That part of the process can take a long time if the people you're working with don't take the time to understand you. They knew the right questions to ask so we got to a format and design very quickly."

Karen Farbridge, Owner