Flow Office Wisdom

Flow Office Wisdom is a consulting company that provides a range of business focused services to facilitate a one stop shop for businesses that require outside consultation. They offer services to assist with any business needs, such as bookkeeping and finance, and social media and communications. They are B-Corp certified and a living wage corporation focussed on getting things done in a timely manner so their clients can thrive. Flow Office Wisdom and Northern Village have also work together on several website projects for Flow's clients.


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The challenge

Flow Office Wisdom wanted an up to date, modern site whose atmosphere matched the contemporary feel of the business itself. They wanted a site that facilitates knowledge of the services they provide and highlights the positive and community oriented philosophy of their business and the projects they support. Finally, Flow Office Wisdom wanted a site that was easily updated by themselves.

The solution

Flow Office Wisdom came to Northern Village with a partially implemented WordPress site that was not working in the way they wished. We moved the site, and the fully realized design to our custom CMS and therefore ensured the site is responsive on all devices, accessible to other technologies and easily updated. They came ready with a modern, angular design containing aspects that mirror the branding of the company. Northern Village mades sure the design did not hamper the functionality of the site.


"Their support and accessibility is very good. When I break stuff, Arni just fixes it. I really like him and know he does awesome work."

Crystal Wilson, Co-Owner