Cali Marketing Communications


Calicom websiteCali Marketing Communications gives you the marketing tools you need to build strong business relationships. It does so through various marketing strategies, event management, building effective websites, and designing advertising, social media and public relations campaigns. The company's team of professionals includes experienced marketing and public relations strategists, event planners, art directors, graphic designers, and website designers.

Client Goals

Cali Marketing Communications needed to update their website to an improved design that is responsive and have a more detailed home page. The company also wanted to move their blog onto the same domain as the website.


Northern Village sat down with Cali Marketing Communications and took notes on how to best improve the site with a new design. The implementation consisted of moving the content over and re-working the home page to be a long page with multiple sections that breaks down the company and its values - multiple new graphics were also brought over to add a unique touch to the home page. The upgrade resulted in a modern looking, responsive and AODA compliant website that the client could update themselves.