A. J. Smuskiewicz


AJ WebsiteA.J. Smuskiewicz is a freelance writer and editor with 25 years of professional experience. He specializes in science, health/medicine/osteopathy, sexuality/LGBT issues, and world/current events. He especially enjoys working on educational articles and books at the high school, college, and general adult levels, as well as such products as memoirs/autobiographies, novels, and college theses. He also helps English-as-a-second-language authors convert their text into proper English.

Client Goals

A.J. wanted a professional website to showcase his past projects, writing samples, and new essays. He also wanted to ensure that the site followed up-to-date SEO standards so that people could discover his services by Google-searching for writers and editors.


Northern Village worked with A.J. to create a responsive website design with a simple but professional format to best showcase his work and services. The home page is conveniently broken down into sections that summarize to visitors who A.J. is, the sort of projects he has been involved in and is looking for, and testimonials from past clients. The website was also designed to be easy to update, so that A.J. can work on his content without worrying about the technical details of the site.