Wellington Law Association Books

Wellington Law Association

The Wellington Law Association is a social benefit organization providing services to its members in the professional legal community. They promote and advance the legal profession by providing resources that support the practice of law in Guelph and Wellington County.

Established in 1880, the Wellington Law Association was one of the first organizations of its kind created in Ontario. Its initial function was to create and operate a library of law books, but soon expanded to include social events, attempted regulation of legal fees, and engagement in political and professional issues.

Wellington Law Association Library

The challenge

The Wellington Law Association was looking to refresh its outdated online presence to have a comprehensive website with a professional look that is easily updated. It was important for members to find the resources that are available and to easily update the court information on a regular basis.

In addition, the Association was about to publish a new book, The History of the Wellington Law Association, which they wanted to sell online. Northern Village provided book design and publishing services, as well as a an online order form. Further they were interested in having the ability to have new and annual membership renewals paid online.

The solution

Northern Village worked with the Board to review other law association websites as a guide to the information that should be presented within the new site. Northern Village merged the new information with the existing and then thoroughly reviewed the new organization with the client. A final format was set and a design was created. As part of the design process Northern Village also created the new Association logo. 

Our publishing partner, Log Cabin Press, designed and printed the Association book publication, and a  Shopify Buy Button was added to manage the book and membership purchases while being able to embed the shopping capability within the website, at an affordable rate.

Once, the information was in place, the design was placed on to the website making sure that it works on all screen sizes and accessiblity devices.