University of Toronto Facilities and Services


U of T Facilities and Services (F & S) has been a leader in environmental sustainability since 1974 -- way before this kind of thing became fashionable.

It's a monumental task to take care of heating, cooling, water, policing and more for Canada's largest university with more than 86,000 students. This is especially so given that the average age of buildings on the St. George campus is 80 years, and the downtown campus covers over 11 million square feet of property.

U of T Sustainability Kiosk and Display

Client goals

The goal of the project was to promote F & S as a leader in sustainability, highlighting over 80 sustainability initiatives in energy, water, thermal, and recycling. The information was to be disseminated in two ways: through a 54" wall mounted display unit and a touch-screen kiosk. They were initially installed in Simcoe Hall, but will eventually move to the Exam Centre.

The wall-mounted display scrolls through a series of "Did You Know's" that highlight various F&S departments' top achievements in sustainability. See some of the achievements in the gallery below.

The touch-screen kiosk exhibits the achievements in more detail in an interactive timeline from 1973 to the present. Other aspects of the kiosk include sustainability features of the newly renovated Exam Centre--a LEED Gold Project, a look at U of T's Campus Footprint (an interactive map of all buildings on campus), and general information about Facilities and Services. It also provides information about how students can get involved in making our campus more sustainable.


Northern Village worked with U of T's Manager of Sustainability Initiatives and the Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Services to shape the message for both the display unit and the kiosk, and determine how the two could interact. In setting the goals for the project, attention was also paid to the possibility of replicating the installation in other buildings on campus in an affordable manner.

Northern Village provided strategy, writing, and design services in collaboration with partners Kabisa Communications, Mere Name Design, Nick Craine Illustration and Red Door Wordsmithing.

U of T's Central Control and Monitoring System Group deployed the results onto the kiosk and display unit, with Northern Village providing design implementation.

Since the formats for the display unit and kiosk are much larger than most computers, Village CMS had the capability to show a different display within the editing environment than in the final device.

See a sample of the U of T sustainability initiatives presented in gallery format.