The challenge

CFRC was looking to update their website from NationBuilder, as it was hard to edit, and quite expensive. It was important that the new site must meet the accessibility standards of both the province and of Queens University. The new site must be dynamic and attractive on all screens and devices. The overall aim is to improve community use of the site and the radio station, while reducing your internal workload. The site also needs to have a facility for taking donations, selling merch, and incorporating volunteer intake forms.

CFRC also wanted a way of managing its program logs. See CFRC App case study for more details.

The solution

Northern Village used a content-driven approach to reorganize the website, so that it was more intuitive for visitors. The Listen/Program pages were created in a separate app, with the same look and feel so that, could seamlessly go between the main site and the a program/listen pages.

The selling of merch and taking of donations were facilitated with an integration with Shopify. Volunteer intake forms were created using Formstack. A studio booking app was added to further make administration more efficient.