The challenge

The Poultry Science Cluster provides a central hub of information on CPRC-funded cluster research in Canada. To share relevant results with the Canadian poultry industry, stories are being written on research projects and a website was envisioned as another way to make these results available. Northern Village was asked to develop a site that listed existing projects, with an added element for including research stories on the site in a user-friendly format so that farmers and other interested people would be able to find the research that would be helpful to them.

The solution

We worked with the Poultry Science Cluster to develop an appropriate format for the research, and then used the capability of our website editor to make it very easy to categorize the research into five relevant research areas, and further organized by sectors of the poultry industry. So, it is easy to find research that pertains to poultry welfare in and turkeys, for instance. Since the research is available both in French and English, we also implemented the ability to switch between the English and French versions of a given research story.