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Our Energy Guelph

Our Energy Guelph is a community-based taskforce created to update the Community Energy Initiative (CEI), Guelph’s renowned 25-year plan to use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases. Our Energy Guelph aims to attract quality investment, ensure reliable and affordable energy, reduce environmental impact, and enhance Guelph’s competitiveness. 


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The solution

Northern Village worked together with TrafficSoda and members of the Our Energy Guelph taskforce to create the website. Traffic Soda provided the overall strategy and the social media marketing. Northern Village provided the initial assembly of the website, logo and design, and website implementation including blog stories, feedback forms, social media integration and an easily updated website platform.

The challenge

Our Energy Guelph was established by Guelph City Council to evaluate the progress of the Community Energy Initiative 10 years after its creation. Its mandate is to:

  • Update the CEI to reflect identified gaps, new policies, and technical and best practices
  • Re-focus the Community Energy Initiative as a community-led initiative
  • Establish metrics for Guelph’s progress and how we compare to other municipalities

The goals of the website include collecting conservation, innovation and cost saving stories about how energy is used in Guelph. This information is disseminated as an inspiration to others to follow suit and will be used in the final report to Council.