Guelph Heritage


Guelph HeritageGuelph Heritage is a partnership project dedicated to providing a glimpse into Guelph's rich architectural and cultural heritage. Guelph was founded by a Scottish novelist and entrepreneur, so it has many unique and fascinating stories to tell. The project is a collaboration between Guelph Historical Society, Architectural Conservancy of Ontario - Guelph & Wellington Branch and Heritage Guelph.

Client goals

Guelph Heritage wanted an easily updated website to show Guelph's rich history of innovations, architecture and people in a way that was easily accessible on all devices. This includes sections on important people who helped build the city, buildings and structures of historical significance and celebrations.


Northern Village created an easily updated website with a background of a limestone wall, which is typical of many of Guelph's older buildings. The banner was created from a sketch of the Priory, Guelph's first building.