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B Local Ontario

B Local Ontario is a group of Certified B Corporations from across Ontario working to foster and deepen connections among organizations in our region who share our purpose and passion for using business as a force for good.

We’re a community that helps business people act on their purpose to achieve socio-economic and environmental impact through meaningful relationships. We work to provide certification support for aspiring and existing B Corps, connections for growth opportunities, and collaboration around social and environmental impact.


B Corp Climate Collective

The challenge

B Local Ontario wanted a website to overview the activities it undertakes for B Corps in Ontario. This includes listing the B Corps in Ontario, promoting events to bring the community together, and encouraging B Corps to collaborate on various intiatives. The site also encourages companies to become B Corps.

The solution

Northern Village worked with B Local leaders to create the content for the website, borrowing ideas from other B Locals throughout North America to ensure consistency across the movement. Information gathered from seminars is added to the resources portion of the website. A contact form allows users to specify the information they would like to recieve, and that request is automatically emailed to the appropriate committee member.