St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Latvian Church


St John's LatvianThe St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Latvian Church was founded in 1948 and was the first Latvian church in Canada. In 1964 the congregation finished building  a new church on Balmoral Ave., made primarily with the labour of church parishinors. It continues to be a hub of Latvian culture in Canada.

Client goals

The Church wanted to have a bilingual, easily updated website that showed the different aspects of church life. This includes the services both in Latvian and English, events happening in and around the Church, providing a history of the church and the ability to easily make donations.


Northern Village created the bilingual website that represents the Church and church life. The design represents the interior of the church, which is one of the well-loved features. We worked with Church staff to organize the information so that it was easily accessed. Given the different focus between the Latvian and English communities the website is not a mirror, but rather tailored to each community. Online forms make donating to the church convenient.