RGC Fund


RGC Fund WebsiteRGC Fund is the operating name of the Rotary Club of Guelph Charitable Foundation. For decades RGC Fund has quietly been raising and donating funds to support cornerstone community projects that make a wonderful difference to the quality of life for as many people as possible. Projects include the Guelph Youth Music Centre, the Community Dialysis Centre, the YMCA / YWCA among many more.

Client Goals

RGC Fund was wanting an independant website outside the pages of one of the Rotary chapters of Guelph. This was reinforced by a generous offer of Jim Estill founder of EMJ Data Systems, CEO of Synnex and currently CEO of Danby Products Ltd in Guelph. Jim offered to match every donation dollar for dollar up to $5million. RGC Fund wanted to describe the history of the organization, the projects it is involved with and to be able to take donations online.


Northern Village worked with Peter Barrow to craft the structure of the website in a way that best told the story of RGC Fund, its community impacts, allowing organizaitons to ask for support and, of course, encourage donations. The easily updated website works on all screens, including accessibility devices.