The challenge

MSP came to us wanting to update the visual appeal of their website and maximize its fundraising potential. They needed to show their donors that they are an evolving as an organization, and they felt as though their website didn't quite portray the breadth of their work in Madagascar. In addition, the site had to serve as an organizational archive and information source for those outside MSP, such as students learning about the country online.

The solution

After an in-depth conversation with MSP and a review of their programming and online content, Northern Village staff determined that the group's work falls into five main categories, which could also be used to organize website content: education, health, agriculture, energy and economy. We streamlined copy and brought in higher quality images to tell the story of the MSP and the context in which they work. We also integrated a wish list for donors to make more concrete how donors can support MSP, and we built an online events registration feature to facilitate key fundraising events. A contemporary design was created by NV, using brand colours representative of the children's school uniforms. In addition, we made donation requests more prominent throughout the site, and we made it easier to follow MSP on social media.