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Upper Canada Stretchers

Upper Canada Stretcher's clientele includes artists, photographers, galleries, conservators, print makers, collectors, and art supply stores who value the high quality and creative solutions that UCS has become known for. They specialize in crafting professional canvas frames that remain straight and true even at very large sizes. They also create custom stretcher designs in any imaginable shape or size.

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The challenge

Upper Canada Stretchers wanted to upgrade and enhance their WordPress/WooCommerce website and e-commerce platform to get away from ongoing security updates and the continual problems those created for their theme and plugins. They also wanted to simplify the organization of the website to be more intuitive for visitors to navigate. One of the most important requirements for the site was to retain the ability to calculate pricing for custom-sized frames and bracing (in both imperial and metric) while also generating an appropriate quote for the shipping costs across North America. The website is also used as an informational and inspirational resource for artists to learn about stretcher frames and materials, with examples from other projects and artists.

The solution

Northern Village worked with Upper Canada Stretchers to re-organize the complex website and to ensure that the functionality required was still in place. We made use of several of our important integrations to complete the site. This inculded custom-coding a Shopify integration to generate appropriate bracing, pricing and weight using an equation and user-entered frame height and width rather than product variants. We also integrated  Bold Commerce Cashier and Multi-Currency apps to be able to charge in $CAD or $USD based on customers’ location. We devided  a shipping calculator that generates an accurate UPS Shipping quote for stock and custom product. And we provided Formstack forms for setting up complex quotes and order forms using conditional logic.


"We needed something quite unusual and were having difficulty getting all the parts to function. We needed a custom calculator to work out pricing and unusual currency conversions. Arni had to be fairly creative in the way he used what was available through Shopify to come up with what we needed. It was a challenge but he made it work. Being able to figure things out is a selling point, and he responds to requests in a timely way, so customer service is excellent."

Bob Nadon, Owner