Stickin' with my Uke


Stickin with my Uke Stickin' with my Uke is a business that is dedicated to making the playing of the uku  lele easier. Founder Mary McNally is a ukulele player who initially struggled for a way to hold her uke and wantd a better way to hold it. So, she created Stickin' with my uke, a simple tacky pad that is easy to put on and holds your uke in place. 

Client Goals

The goals of the website were to have a simple introduction to the new product, and to have the ability to buy the product online. Of course, it was also important to have an easily updated website.


 Northern Village created a one page website to introduce Stickin' with my Uke. The site includes instructions on its use and maintenance, and our Shopify integration to provide the ability to purchase the product. We also provide a notice of a discount code for Canadian customers.