Speed River Physio


Speed River PhysioSpeed River Physio was born in 2007 out of a desire to raise the bar in the quality of physiotherapy care in Guelph. 'Speed River’ was chosen for a few reasons: the location – Guelph; the water – the powerful tranquility of its movement; the runners – Speed River Track and Field club has a familial connection…

Client goals

Speed River Physio wanted a good overview of the services it provides and the staff who provide those services. Also important is to provide and overview of what will happen in the first visit, and to answer common questions asked by clients.


Northern Village worked under the direction and design of Kap Design in the creation of the Speed River Physio website. The Team pages, have the ability to browse through the staff with next and previous button in addition to having the names in the sidebar. A small grid provides context of which staff member the visitor is on.

The easily updated website was implemented using the Northern Village CMS.