Speech Sound Synergy


Speech Sound SynergySpeech Sound Synergy is a coaching program developed by Rebecca Thompson that empowers parents to bring their best to raising their child with a speech sound disorder. Speech Sound Synergy equips parents with the knowledge of how to work through a child’s goals in a systematic, yet playful way so they can work with their child to accelerate progress in a way that is fun and fits in their life.

Client goals

Rebecca wanted to have a site where she could host her innovative, interactive coaching program online as a way to increase the number of people who can take advantage of her program. Ideally she also wanted the promotial parts of the website to be on the same platform.


Northern Village worked with Speech Sound Synergy to determine the best software that could be used for this purpose. In the end, she chose Kartra, as it allowed the management of the pipeline from providing information, offering promotional brochures and a way to book meetings. Payment processing and membership management are also part of the package. Northern Village created the initial design, and Rebecca maintains the website on an ongoing basis.