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Ludviks Designs

Elizabete Ludviks is an award-winning jeweller whose signature style is sculptural yet light, pieces that strike a balance between architectural and organic, fragile and strong, geometric and playful. Her work is produced primarily in sterling silver and other metals embedded with found objects and stones. Currently she is experimenting with 3D printed hand dyed components.

Elizabete Ludviks - Reeds on a Lake

The challenge

Elizabete wanted to update her website to better reflect the wider variety of jewellery she's currently creating. She needed a reorganized Shopify store that blended with the main site. She also wanted to add a comprehensive overview of her custom jewellery work.

The solution

We created a new design to span both the main site and the online store. The menu is consistenct between the two, so visitors can seamlessly move between them as if they are one. Visitors can navigate the store by jewellery type (i.e. bracelets, earrings, etc.) or by collection (i.e. Bud Branch and Bloom, Cube and Pearl, etc.). The custom jewellery is displayed in a full-page gallery with thumbnails showcasing the range of items available. 


"We had to all of a sudden move an existing webpage to get Google search results working. Over the course of a weekend NV took time out to work with me on it so that by Monday morning everything was working perfectly. It was above and beyond. When we created the site, they sat down with me and mined my knowledge of what I really wanted. They really put heart and soul into the design, they understood me, and the results were seamless."

Elizabete Ludviks, Owner