Kyfak websiteKyfak is a fun company dedicated to bringing joy into people's lives. Kyfak's first product is a hilarious party game called FINISHIT, where players complete short phrases and aim to be judged the BEST or WORST scribe in each round to win cards. Watch out though, one scribe is also the bomber who inserts a disruptive twist on everybody's sentences!   The first player to collect five cards, wins!  FINISHIT is a game for everybody - all you gotta do is be GREAT or totally SUCK to win!

Client goals

Kyfak wanted a website to sell their FINISHIT game online and to provide an introduction to Kyfak.


Northern Village provided Kyfak with a login and training so that they could created the content for the website on their own. We helped with some of the formatting of the content, after which time a design was created and implemented. The Shopify integration provided the ability to sell FINISHIT online. Additional products will also be sold as they become available.

Northern Village made certain that the site is responsive and accessible, meaning it will work on all screens, devices and accessibility technologies.