Jennifer Lynch Osteopathy


Jennifer Lynch OsteopathyJennifer Lynch is a practicing Manual Osteopathic Practitioner based out of Guelph, ON. She is currently transitioning from her practice as a Registered Massage Therapist to a Osteopathic Manual Therapist focusing on Osteopathy.

Client goals

Jennifer Lynch wanted to create a new site that focused on Osteopathy.  The goal is to change the direction of her practice, by focusing on Osteopathic treatments. The new site needed to provide information about osteopathy so potential new clients could be well informed about the services she provides. Additionally she wanted to facilitate easy contact and online booking integrated into the site.


Northern Village created a fully responsive and accessible website that is easily updated by the client herself. Additionally Northern Village updated her previous site design to match her new osteopathic practice. Finally, we embedded online booking into the site to aid in ease of booking for the client.