Elf Cozy's Workshop


Elf Cozy WorkshopThe idea for Elf Cozy's Workshop , was conceived when Sharon Bolender met a professional Santa. He expressed the fact that obtaining Santa clothes and products was really difficult to do as a Canadian, so she began to think how best she could service that market. Sharon also creates custom horse blankets and other horse show products and as such has experience creating specialty garments, and thus Elf Cozy's Workshop came into being.

Client goals

Sharon Bolender wished to market her Santa clothing and products on a dedicated website, separate from the other products she creates. She strove to improve access to quality Santa wear to Canadian individuals, therefore she wanted to ensure that the products could be purchased online with ease.


Northern Village used our CMS to create a single page site with a Shopify integration to display a store within the page. The Shopify integration provided an easy way to sell all the products within the branding of Sharon’s site. Additionally, Northern Village made certain that the site is responsive and accessible, meaning it will work on all screens, devices and accessibility technologies.