Rebecca Erickson


Rebecca EricksonRebecca Erickson graduated from York University with a BFA and currently works as a living artist in Guelph, Ontario. She is an active member of the Whitestone Gallery artist collective, working with other artists to maintain a two room gallery in downtown Guelph as well as independently working on projects concerned with survival preparation and knowledge transfer.

Client goals

Rebecca Erickson came across Northern Village while browsing the internet. She immediately signed up for her own account and began creating her own website to showcase her work, and join the ever-increasing virtual gallery of artists. Her main focus was on having a self-maintaining website that was both easy to navigate and comprehensible.


When Rebecca Erickson contacted Northern Village, she had already completed most of the website. Northern Village provided assistance by answering questions and help pages provided by Northern Village. With this help, Rebecca was able to upload an online gallery to display her work and construct the over all layout to meet her aesthetic inclination.