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Pearl Van Geest

Pearl Van Geest works out of her downtown Guelph studio in the Trafalgar Building at 123 Woolwich Street. Pearl has exhibited her work extensively locally, nationally and internationally. She has also developed interactive exhibitions where people can become involved in the creation of artworks. Her work is part of many collections, including the Canada Council's ArtBank, the City of Guelph and the Art Gallery of Guelph.


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The challenge

Pearl wanted a very extensive archive of her artwork--which included paintings, paper work and installations--to be organized in an easy-to-access way. Some of her artwork was also e appropropriate to sell  through the website. It was important that the navigation between store and website be seamless.

The solution

A number of different display formats were considered before finalizing the chosen formats. Since there was a significant number of products for sale, the store is hosted on Shopify, and the gallery visitor can seamlessly navigate between the main site and the store.