The challenge

Gordon Leverton needed a site that properly showcases the bold quality of his original and one-of-a-kind paintings, while raising his profile in new markets. The site had to accommodate frequent and easy updates to the images and events, linked to external galleries. The site also had to play an important administrative role, by providing key information to prospective Collectors, and by looping visitors into the newsletter and social media channels, all to reduce the workload for the artist’s team. Finally, the site had to be intuitive to navigate and offer wow factor to Collectors, while faithfully representing Leverton’s work with high quality images.


The solution

Northern Village developed an impressive new design built around the paintings themselves and the artist’s brand. We employed carousels so visitors can easily review a variety of new, sold, and commission pieces. The location, size, and materials of each piece are detailed. Commission process and pricing is also presented, and visitors can click through to the artist’s page at multiple galleries hosting his work as well. Now rather than merely duplicating the artist’s social media pages, the website elaborates on his work in ways that allow visitors to better explore its depth and breadth. Menus are carefully integrated so as not to overshadow the work, and visuals are used in a variety of mobile formats to enhance the texture and impact of the site.