Alden Hadwen / Hockey Poems


Alden Hadwen / Hockey PoemsAlden Hadwen is a poet and author living and working in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Having traveled extensively, Alden finds the landscape of South Western Ontario catalytic in her artistic endeavors. Along with a number of publications in various literary journals, Alden has written two books of poetry: Beautiful Druid, and her latest work, 12 Hockey Poems.

Client goals 

Alden Hadwen contacted Northern Village to promote her latest book, 12 Hockey Poems, online. As an accomplished author with various other publications, Alden highlight 12 Hockey Poems, whil also promoting her previous work.


The Alden Hadwn website shows the various different publications Alden has authored while giving a background to the poems and some samples to show that they illuminate what the reader already knows, all the while leading to new discoveries