Websites as a Force for Good

November 7, 2019

A CMS developed and maintained by BCorps

Northern Village is proud to be running its Village CMS website service with the knowledge that it has been developed by and maintained by BCorps.

Northern Village understands that trust is a big part of choosing a web provider. Being a BCorp, we feel that some of the trust issues are put out in the open, knowing that a BCorp will treat its people, environment and community well. We are happy to say, that this extends to our Village CMS, which powers our easily updated websites.

Through our Village CMS service, we resell a product called YikeSite, which is created and maintained by Animikii an Indigenous Techology company that is a BCorp. Animikii believes that being a Certified B Corp means that we are part of the leading charge pushing us all towards a values-driven economy; Being a B Corp means that we are setting the standard for a new kind of business.

In working with Animikii, we feel that we can give an additional sense of confidence to ourselves and our clients, that they know that the money they spend on their website is going to a good place.