February 20, 2019

This is not a new concept. Arni remembers over 30 years ago a friend from his university days, Alex, who despite studying Commerce, chose to hang out with others who were studying Environmental Studies, learning about different ways the environment was being compromised and trying to figure out how to change the world through protest, legislation and political campaigns. Alex would say the answer is much more simple than that -- the power for change is in your wallet. Every time you spend money, you have the ability to vote . When you purchase from a company that is doing good in the world, you are supporting them to continue to do those good works.

There are many different ways that B Corps contribute positively to the world.  They buy local. Look at the employment practices of B Corp companies. They pay a living wage. Look at their environmental record.  They operate with stewardship at top of mind. See the good they are doing in the community. It is good to know that the money you spend is going to support the things that you believe in. But you don't have time to do the research on all the companies that you may want to support.

So, this is where B Corp certification comes in. If a company is B Corp certified, you know they have gone through a rigorous validation process that shows that they operate their business as a force for good. It's a really easy way to know how to vote with your wallet. Voting is speaking out about the world you want to see. You can vote your values by supporting corporations that care about their social and environmental impact and commit to purpose beyond profit.

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