Embed a store in your website

November 17, 2016

Shopify SignupHave you ever thought about selling some products from your website? Perhaps you are a services business, and have a few products you want to sell? Or maybe you are a retail store that would like to test out whether your products might sell online? Or are running a social media campaign and need a way of creating landing pages with a call to action to buy a product.

These things are all easily done thanks to a Northern Village integration with Shopify.

With a Northern Village website, you can specify any page as a Shopify shop page and then select any product or collection from your Shopify store to display on the page. The products are displayed on your screen with the branding of your website.  Further, it is possible to use the Shopify Lite, which is more affordable than the full store.

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The following are some examples of websites that we have created.

Stanley Thompson - Limited products as part of a website

Stanley Thompson Society promotes some of the world’s best golf courses created by Stanley Thompson. It is a rich website with a lot of information about the man, his golf courses and the activities of the Society. As part of the website they sell their gift products through the Stanley Thompson Store.

 Stanley Thompson Store



Elf Cozy’s Workshop - Testing a full store idea

Elf Cozy’s Workshop was born to serve the Santa clothing market in Canada. Canadian Santas order their clothes from the US, and have to wait a long time for their clothes in addition to paying a substantial exchange rate.

Sharon of Sharon’s Cozy Horse Creations decided that the idea of a Northern Village online store is a good way of reaching Santas across Canada. Instead of spending significant resources on building a complete store, she can test the market to see if there is an interest her clothing. If it does become successful, she always has the option of creating a full Shopify store, or carry on with her embedded store.

Elf Cozy's Workshop Screenshot



Kyfak - Create a microsite for a product or set of products

Kyfak is a fun company dedicated to bringing joy into people's lives. Kyfak's first product is a hilarious party game called FINISHIT, where players complete short phrases and aim to be judged the BEST or WORST scribe in each round to win cards.

To start selling the game, Kyfak wanted a simple website to introduce the company and sell their board game and accessories. A Northern Village website with a Shopify integration is just the thing.

Kyfak website screenshot



Northern Village - Enhance your landing pages with products

Northern Village is always looking for more ways of helping to create easily updated website, has created a laptop pad specially designed to help people who are working with laptops on their laps. The laptop pad is a brushed aluminum pad with a unique matte finish that features our colourful website image. Being nice and light, it can easily fit inside a laptop bag and provide added protection for your laptop while you travel.

Northern Village has created a landing page that explains the benefits of it, and the call to action on the page is the ability to purchase it. See it here.

Northern Village Laptop Pad


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