Move to an easily updated website

Are you struggling with website software that makes it hard to update your website? Or worse, do you have to send your updates to your web guy who is charging you for those updates?Easily Updated Websites in a computer

The solution is to have an easily updated website. But how will you know that you have one? Northern Village has developed a checklist that you can use to check to see if the software you are using will help you easily update your website.

The checklist is as follows:

✅  One click to edit any page. Edit page. Click save. Done.

✅  Type page name, then enter to add new page. New pages automatically go into menuing system.

✅  Move pages easily. Take a page, with all images, files and subpages, and move to a different spot in the website. (Very good for organizing your website during development).

✅  Add galleries, FAQs, a blog, calendar, scrolling home pages easily.

✅  SEO basics taken care of.

✅  Comprehensive help screens to help you out.

✅  Never ever have to worry about a website upgrade.

Northern Village provides all of the above. Interested how we can move your website? Fill in the form below, and we can provide an estimate: