Web services for creatives

Interested in being a partner?

Northern Village has long history of taking a collaborative approach to websites. We work together with creatives to complement our strengths with a goal to deliver the best possible results to the customer.

As a marketing company, project manager or a designer, you have all the essential components for a website -- the content, the branding, and the goals. However, offering web services can be a challenge. Who is going to host the website?  Can you find a developer who can code it?  if you are working with templates, can you find one that works for you? What is the best way to organize the website? And can you make sure that your client(s) can easily maintain the website when it is done?  One of the biggest challenges that creatives face is that there are multiple skill sets that are needed to execute a successful web project, and it is difficult to find in one person, or get the right contractor mix.

Northern Village can take care of all that, and more.

Northern Village stays on top of the current trends and developments in the web world, so we can provide our clients with the greatest flexibility for their  projects. This applies to the technical side of website development, as well as the changing expectations of clients.  We are more than happy to explore possibilities with you regarding existing or potential projects.

With the Northern Village partner approach, we work with you to develop projects that are win-win-win.

Please contact us to discuss how we can best work together.


Our Process

Northern Village works with Creatives to combine our strengths to make sure customers end up with website that suites their needs -- whether it is a brochure website, a multi-lingual site, an e-commerce site or a project that requires custom coding. We use  a 5 step process to ensure a successful website project.

  1. Understand the web needs for your project including content strategy,  design requirements, software to be used, timeline, etc. and determine the specific role that Northern Village will play.
  2. Provide advice / assistance with your content strategy
  3. Be a resource to your designers for screen dimensions, innovative solutions and possible restrictions (We can also create a design for you, if you need)
  4. Cost effectively Implement your custom design, so you and your customers have an easily updated website.
  5. Provide training and support consistent with the way you do things.

If you have any question about our process, please do not hesitate to contact us.