Why is the company named Northern Village?

Coming up with a name for a company is not an easy thing. You want to have something that gives customers a good idea of the function, purpose and/or philosophy of the company or organization. Anyone who has tried to name something knows it is not easy.

Arni Mikelsons struggled in coming up with the perfect name for his web company. He tried different things, but eventually took inspiration for creating the name from Guelph-based manufacturer Linamar, which blended parts of the names of its founder’s children. Arni similarly tried to find a name from the names of his kids. He put the letters of their names onto a whiteboard and in a scrabble-type fashion, started shuffling together ideas. Out of many combinations came the name "Northern Village".

Origins of Northern Village

The name Northern Village seemed perfect. Websites are created for all different elements within a community - businesses, charities and people. Also, we use a village of talents to help get our work done, and finally, "village" speaks to our values of doing business - especially having a caring attitude, and having an active part in the community at large.

All in all, it makes for a pretty special name.