Unique, accurate page titles

When looking for a page, a search engine will first compare the title of the page to that of the requested search. This also means that it is best to do this for each page on your website so as to direct the searcher to the page that contains the information that they are looking for.

What Northern Village does

The Northern Village CMS automatically places the name you give the page into the title field. You can also modify this to include other information through the theme; for example, using your tag line on the home page.

What you can do

Accurately describe the page's content - Choose a page name that effectively communicates the contents of the page.

Create unique page names - Create a unique title for each page on your website for easy navigability.

Use brief, but descriptive titles - Titles that are too long will only have a portion that shows up in the search engine. Also, a short, descriptive title is far quicker to read.