Optimized use of images

The name of an image, along with the "alt" attribute, tells the search engine what the image is about. If a visitor is unable to access the images on your site the "alt" attribute will display text instead. A good file name is also a good reminder to you of what the image is, especially if there are multiple images on a page.

What Northern Village does

  • Prompts you to choose a title for the image when uploading.
  • Enters alt tag in image dialogue screen.
  • Keeps images in one directory.

Good practices for images

Use brief descriptive filenames and alt text - The filenames and alt text are best when they are short and descriptive of the image.

Supply alt text when using images as links - If you make an image into a link, filling out the alt text helps search engines to understand what it is that they are linking to.

Use commonly supported filetypes - JPEG, GIF, PNG, AND BMP, are the most common image formats.