Easy navigation

Search engines generally look to see if your website is well organized. They decide whether or not it has easy navigation and how users will react and behave when they visit.

What Northern Village does

The Northern Village CMS will do the following for your website:

Create a naturally flowing hierarchy - Make a smooth transition from general to specific information.

Use mostly text for navigation - Use text rather than images from the linked page to allow visitors to decide whether or not to follow a link.

Use "breadcrumb" navigation - This allows the visitor to see where they came from if they find themselves lost.

Put an HTML sitemap page on your site - This can be very useful if you have a large site and think visitors might occasionally lose their bearings.

Consider what happens when a user removes part of your URL - Some visitors will drop part of the URL and enter more general information than they have been supplied with.

Have a useful 404 page - When visitors enter a URL that is non-existent, instead of displaying a blank screen, tell them that they have entered the wrong URL or that the page no longer exists, and then redirect them.

What you can do

Take the time to create a quality site - The organization of your site is very important as far as page indexing. YikeSite recommends creating the content of your site in advance of the design to ensure that you have navigation that truly represents the message you want to deliver.

Make sure there are not too many links on one page - Too many links on a page make it hard to read. Only link to important words or phrases. Search engines may penalize you if you have too many links on a page, as they may think you are trying to cheat them.

Make sure hierarchy reflects the message you want to convey - Northern Village recommends that the main menu items on your site convey an "at a glance" overview of your primary message. Generally, the fewer number of menu choices there are, the stronger your message.